Las Vegas 4-piece, The Killers, supported the launch of their fifth studio album, ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ with a major concert tour of the same name. From February 2017 to July 2018 the band visited Europe, the Americas and Oceania.

Perry Scenic Creative added various visual elements to the tour which included producing a large 3D water tower and a pair of 3D arrow stage props.

Client Director, Jon Perry, discussed the company’s involvement with the project. 

We have worked with The Killers for several years at this point, in particular with their Production Manager, Michael Oberg and their Lighting/Production designer, Steven Douglas. They are fabulous people to work with.

Jon outlined some of the main issues facing the Perry’s team for the tour.

The challenge was to produce something that met their aesthetic and technical requirements that was also ‘tourable’. The pieces were being air freighted all over the world and so needed to be durable.

On top of the impressive stage features, Perry Scenic Creative also fabricated lettering that would be stuck to the water tower to spell out the name of the night’s host city. This included a specially designed Manchester sign featuring a heart to pay homage to the terror attack earlier this year.