The Pre-Vis Suite is a new facility based at Production Park. From here we can offer you a range of technical and creative support services and facilities to enhance production collaboration and integration. 


For Designers

We can help with creative visualisations, technical reviews and specification prototyping to assist you in communicating your creative vision to your clients. Using advanced technologies our team can enhance your pitches with exciting and immersive content.


For Productions

We can provide workflow solutions to support and engage departments in advanced simulation and collaborative programming. Our services and facilities will bring a ubiquitous approach to show programming, creative validation and technical planning.

We can help your production with workflow and integration consultancy in:

D3, WYSIWYG, Raynok, Notch, AI, E2, Isadora, AutoCAD, VectorWorks, SMODE, Unreal, Unity, Maya, C4D, 3ds Max and more.

Talk to us about:

Sketches, Pitches, Visualisations, Renders, Technical & Projection Studies, Specification Reviews, Equipment & Operator Sourcing, Training, Project Setups, VR, AR, & Immersive Presentations.