The threefold aims of Production Park are clear:

1. To be the leading location in which to produce live experiences.

2. To create live technology.

3. To learn live industry best practice.

Our long term, stakeholder-owned vision will see us deliver continual evolution and disruption of this concept over the coming decade. We all come from within the industry, we are passionate about it, and we’re excited about change – about the necessarily agility in our concept to stay constantly relevant and world class.

Production Park will continue to expand its footprint rapidly and dynamically. 2018 sees us add a further 40,000sqft of creative space, for example. We have plans for a platform of industry unique facilities, to be rolled out in the coming years. However, Production Park is not just about industrial expansion; far from it. Production Park development is driven more by human interaction, by creating and adjusting our environment to ensure that it supports the workflows, collaboration and learning that are key in the delivery of the live industry, internationally.